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So sorry for not posting earlier you guys, But I'm gonna go on Hiatus for a bit because of school and how my momma grounded me and I haven't made icons in quite sometime, either.  And to all the requests, sorry, but I'll definitely get to them later!  And thanks to P1nk_lady for the add, I'll add back later.  :]



So as you all know, I am to embark on a project beyond YOUR wildest imagination (1st of all you DON'T know and 2ndly I don't think it'll surpass YOUR wildest imagination, but probably mine).  I shall complete a Conan collection of icons.  And for the first part, I WILL finish an entire set of icons from the "Conan O'Brien Hates My Homeland" skit.  Finally, one set will be for entire Conan quotes.  After all, we know that the funny host has had his unforgettable moments.  Okay, so I just wasted your time when all I could've said is "Hey guys, I'm making Conan icons for a while.  They inculde 'Conan Hates My Homeland and quotes' Aren't I fantastic?"  Hmm... Maybe next I'll google some Simpsons quotes and make a batch or two.

And Conan insulted ALL of the countries in the world.

1// 2//
First batch under the cut...

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1) I do not mean to offend anybody by the icons.  I just thought it would be a good project for me to kill time and appreciate all the writers at the Late Night show.
2) I'm not doing them in order

-No hotlinking please :]
-If you're in any way awesome, you'll comment if you take any icons
-Don't claim them as your own.  :D

And if you follow these rules, then we coo', right?

Long Time, no Icons... but not to worry!

Wow, it's been an awful long time since I've posted anything.  And sorry for that because I've been on holiday in Mexico and then last night I was going to upload, but I kind of made plans with friends and then today I also made a small batch so I think this is going to be pretty long [for me anyway.]  

P.S. Many of them are variations.  And I also did a bunch of crap with a lot of colors.

02:: Emma Watson
02:: HP&PoA (Harry&Buckbeak)
03:: R/Hr
06:: Katie Leung
10:: Cho Chang (Year 5)
10:: Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch)
12:: Deathly Hallows (Text only,
13:: HP&GoF (Fleur, Hermione, Yule Ball, etc.)
28:: HP&OotP (Harry, Dumbledore, Weasleys, etc.)
86:: Total


1.    2.

-Textless icons are NOT  bases (unless you ask)
-Please comment if you take any or if you're nice.  :D
-No hotlinking pretty please :]

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:] YAY!

So, Hot Hot Heat is finally going back on tour!  And I'm super excited because they're coming to town [Las Vegas] to play at the Pearl which is seriously 4 blocks away from here [they're huge blocks though].  But yeah!  AWESOME!


EDIT; on another note, you guys might want to check out this Etiquette rule for the net.
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56 icons! :]

So, today's a whole mix of icons.  I mostly changed the color and lighting of the icons.  Not a lot brushes or textures, but I liked how they turned out this time.  :]

[17] HP {Mostly GoF, HP Related}
[17] Notre Dame {Football Players<3}
[10] Music {Beatles, Album covers, etc.}
[07] Grey's Anatomy {Izzie; season II finale}
[05] Other {Andy Samburg, Chicago -- the city , Big Fish}


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-Textless icons are NOT  bases
-Please comment if you take any
-No hotlinking pretty please :]


55 Icons

Multi-Fandom!  ~~~HOORAYZ.  Many are variations of the same crop and they may look the same, but aren't.  Sorry if I confuse anyone.  =/  I also messed around with this new color thing I got today so a lot of the icons are far from perfect, but oh well.

[24] Keira Knightley
[18] HP GoF [Ced, Draco, Harry, Etc.]
[12] The Beatles [Group, Ringo, George]
[01] Johnny Depp



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